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Portable Structures for Construction Use
Are you prepared to meet new EPA Guidelines?

With new clean water standards right around the corner, mechanical practices alone will no longer be an effective solution for your construction dewatering requirements. Whenever you pump water on your job site you will be required to meet federal/state/local guidelines for returning water back into the environment.

A chemical process using anionic polymers will be the solution to meet these requirements. When contacting your polymer supplier they may recommend the construction of a flock log track. When considering the construction of a flock log track on your job site, there is first the cost to build the track, availability of land, uncontrolled forces of nature and the cost to maintain the track. An easier, more efficient option would be the patented Flocate System.  Flocate has designed a 2-part treatment system to effectively remove sediment (and many other suspended and dissolved solids) from your construction waters.

Click for larger view
Click for larger view

Intake waters enter the weir tank







Fitting sizes available 2" through 4"







Hoses easily attached with quick-connect couplers







When the water enters the weir tank, an initial dose of polymer pre-treats the water to begin the flocculation process





  53 ft. Container

The water passes through the weir tank and gravity feeds into the attached mixing system





  53 ft. Container

The trailer is easily installed and leveled before operation






  53 ft. Container

The front hitch and built-in leveling jacks make the process simple





  53 ft. Container

Discharge pipes are attached with gaskets and clamps







The water enters the patented mixing system and is treated with the prescribed polymer dosage. This is a flow through system and the rate of flow is determined by the required mixing time of the polymer and the intake pumps.



The water then travels through a jute yarn trough to collect the finer particles, (polishing).






The discharge pipe location should be planned (rip rap/stormsewer)






The discharge pipe location should be planned (rip rap/stormsewer) to prevent causing any further turbidity. Silt bags can be attached for unattended rain events.




* Capacity and mix time may vary with weather conditions.


Flocate Industries will custom build a system for your company based on your dewatering needs. Currently, we are able to build these systems to accomodate various pumping capacities starting with a 2" pump. Larger capacities can be custom designed.

The benefits of the portable contained mechanism outweigh the current practice of manually constructed, on the ground process because of it's ability to:

  1. Show consistent results based on consistent construction and uniform process
  2. Be protected from the elements (disruption of water flow due to weather, debris)
  3. Controlled flow rate and mixing time, with a possibility of reduced mixing time
  4. Portability around a job site, and the ability to place in confined areas
  5. Be reused